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A Personal Message to My Patients:

As far back as I can remember I aspired to become a doctor however, to fund medical school a
mentor of mine suggested I first become a pharmacist. Twenty-five years later as a practicing
physician, I am so thankful for the advice and the vast experience I gained as a practicing pharmacist
while in pursuit of becoming a doctor.

I began practicing as a cardiologist but after twenty-one years I saw the medical landscape changing
dramatically. Patients had to wait longer to see their physician, lack of continuity of their health
care, and difficulty coordinating with specialists lead to patient frustration and a feeling that there
was no real advocate for them.

I have been a patient myself, and have experienced first-hand these same frustrations. I understand
more than ever the incredible importance of a true physician-patient relationship. So, after
practicing cardiology for twenty-one years, I made the decision to change my practice and to follow
my heart and my belief that patients deserve better when it comes to healthcare. Looking for a way
to pair my interests in patient care with my expertise in cardiology, internal medicine, and pharmacy,
I began a concierge medical practice.

Gulfshore Personalized Care is an established medical practice that offers excellence in internal
medicine, cardiology and preventative care. If you are looking for quality care and a doctor you can
trust, it would be my privilege to be your personalized physician for many years to come. I am very
excited about Gulfshore Personalized Care and the benefits it offers you.

E. Thomas Arne, Jr., D.O., F.A.C.C.