Sarasota Concierge Medicine Doctor | Dr. Tom Arne | Florida

Dr. Tom Arne established Gulfshore Personalized Care to deliver the highest level of medical care to patients in the Sarasota, FL area. After twenty-five years as a physician (twenty-one of them as an award-winning cardiologist), Dr. Arne decided in 2014 to transition to a personalized care practice in response to a growing need of a higher level of care for his patients.

Dr. Arne believes in the importance of a true patient-physician relationship which includes individualized care focused on prevention and wellness with a full understanding of the patients’ medical history. Appointments are available within 24-48 hours and scheduled for 30 minutes. Each patient receives an annual comprehensive physical examination, a personalized care plan—including fitness and nutrition recommendations, as needed—and direct access to Dr. Arne via his personal cell phone. See more about Gulfshore Personalized Care’s services here.

Additionally, Dr. Arne’s experienced staff members have the expertise to advocate on his patients’ behalves, and will always be available to assist them in navigating through other aspects of the medical community. Read more about the Gulfshore Personalized Care staff here.

In order to provide a superior level of service, Gulfshore Personalized Care has a limited enrollment, and there is an annual fee. For more information, or to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Arne personally, please click here for contact information.